It also came with a velvet carrying case, which worked out well because it didn’t fit in my toy box


It also came with a velvet carrying case, which worked out well because it didn’t fit in my toy box

Like a lot of amazon products the material of this dildo isn’t specified. The box doesn’t contain any information about the material and amazon is vague stating it is medical phthalate free PVC.

PVC is not my favorite sex toy material but it is sometimes unavoidable if you want to try some interesting shapes like this toy. It didn’t burn at all when I used it so i’m pretty sure it is actually phthalate free. The other downside is it is a more porous material, which is a tad rougher than platinum silicone. It is also harder to clean. If you worry about sex toy materials I would make sure to thoroughly clean this toy with a toy cleaner, use a condom, or use it in moderation.

The “Bottom” Line

This is a fun toy with a really pleasurable head. It is good for beginner-intermediate to advanced level users looking for a long and unique toy. If you are more accomplished with large dildos the girth and stretch might not be enough for you.

Of course if you have equine fantasies this is also a good one to add to your collection. The only downside is this one dosen’t have a name like all the other ones do. But you can give it your own, I prefer to call it “Man O’ War” after the famous racing horse.

Dante the Draft Horse Dildo

Dante is another lovely platinum silicone dildopared to other horse dildos this a more modest size of 9 inches long and 5″ – 5.5″ of girth. It comes in one size, which is the same as the small Chance the Stallion dildo.

This toy’s shape and details are more accurate to an actual Equine animal. There is a medial ring in the middle of the shaft that feels great when it goes deeper. The head has a good flare and enough to feel like it dosen’t want to leave you when you pull it out. It isn’t as dramatic as the amazon 16.5 incher though.

The company that makes this is called Fantastic Cocks and they are one of the best alternatives to bad dragon. Their toys are cheaper and you can get them on Etsy which has a nice rating system. Each Dante is also custom made when you order it. You can choose a solid color or get a marble mix of colors. There are a lot of options.

Mr Ed Anatomically Correct Horse Penis

Take away all the fantasy touchups of Chance the stallion and you have the Mr Ed. If you google for pictures of horse penises this is one that will look the most similar to what you find. I hope they didn’t mold this from an actual horse, but it makes you wonder.

This is a long toy at just over two feet in length. The circumference measures from 5 to 6 inches in girth. As far as firmness goes this is a wobbly toy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The floppiness helps it fit.

Unlike the other dildos in our list this does not come with a suction cup. Because of this it might be difficult for one person to use without two hands or a partner. Many people that have them use them for parties and events.

The toy has a prominent ridge where the horses sheath would be. This is almost two thirds down the shaft. After you reach it the girth will increase, just relax and let it through.

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